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Fall in the Deep Blue of Virginia Beach

By September 22, 2017Virginia Beach Fishing

With today being the last day of Summer, you may wonder what Fall fishing has in store for the offshore waters of Virginia Beach. I can sum that up with one statement: Fishing remains hot even though the temps are coming down. The only difference is the targeted species and the tactics used to catch them. If you want to learn what to expect during the fall months here, continue reading.

June, July and August are truly the most active months here off Virginia Beach, all species that are highly sought after run through here in droves. So what does that mean for fall? Well, it means we fine tune the approach and get after it! Believe it or not, some highly sought after offshore and nearshore species are actually peaking during this time, and we will share what these main species are.

Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin will still be hot through September and somewhat in October – though no longer peaked, October will still provide chances at this monster of the deep.

Bluefin Tuna

Bluefin Tuna do indeed peak during those summer months mentioned above, but they never go away. But, the best part is, they peak again in November. So, if a hard fighting Bluefin is on your list, we have you covered.


Rounding out our “blue” species is Bluefish. These guys are just as active as ever throughout the fall here.


September does round out the peak of Cobia season, but rest assured your nearshore charter can still see chances and getting a rod bent with one of these.

Mahi-Mahi (Dolphin)

Again, rounded out in September, we can still get your blackened Mahi dreams covered here during this month.

King Mackerel

You know who loves Fall? Kings do! Yup, these guys are as active as ever and will be available right into late October.


Yes again, major peaks ending in September, but shots at these pelagic missles still continue through October.

Sea Bass

These guys never go away 😉

Spanish Mackerel

Peaks through September, and shots remain through October.


These guys remain a constant during September and October.

White Marlin

Just like the Blue’s you still have shots during this month and next.

Yellowfin Tuna

These guys remain peaked during September and October, while solid shots at them will exist through November.

Well, as you can see the fishing will remain a pretty hot commodity here in Virginia Beach and Instigator Charters is here to take you out on a truly active Fall fishing trip. Don’t forget that in December we also start our Whale Watching tours, but we will hit this topic again when we put up our Winter fishing report for Virginia Beach – just know, it never stops here. Book Today.


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