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Tuna Fishing VA Beach

By June 28, 2017North Carolina Fishing

Let’s talk tuna, you know, the chicken of the sea. Tuna is easily one of the most sought after sport fish here off the beaches of Virginia. Not only are they terrific fighters, but they are some of the best table fare you’ll find swimming the salty seas. And luckily for you, Virginia Beach offers up some of the most fertile tuna fishing grounds there is.

Yellowfin tuna fishing here in VA Beach is so great for a number of reasons. First off, the Gulf Stream is a mere 15 miles offshore, making the run to the primo tuna grounds a short trip. This makes offshore fishing for not only tuna, but other pelagic species as well a great family trip. Reason number two for our area to be some of the best tuna fishing grounds is that when these yellowfins are cruising along the Gulf Stream, they’re usually eating. Nowhere else can they have a buffet of all their favorite foods all in one place.

The Gulf Stream is teeming with life and that attracts predators—big predators. Another great reason that our waterways stand out from among the rest when it comes to tuna fishing is that there is so much other cool stuff that you can see, or catch. Whales are a common sight when offshore fishing for tuna. The mighty humpback whale also uses the Gulf Stream during their annual migration pattern. Watch them surface for a breath of air, slap the water with their flipper or go full breach mode!

Yellowfin tuna are also one the hardest fighting fish out there. Even their billfish counterparts have trouble matching up to their brute strength. Tuna rarely break the surface of the water thus using their energy to dive and make wide, circling runs. You’ll be hard pressed to find a stronger fish pound for pound. They also travel in schools and it is common to hook up with several yellowfins at the same time. It only takes one fish within the school to take your bait to ignite a feeding frenzy!

Did I mention that they make killer table fare? Yellowfin is well known for its mild flavor and is most often times eaten sashimi style or lightly seared. Yellowfin tuna contains omega-3 fats which helps lower your risk of cardiovascular disease, and high in potassium and low in sodium which helps aid in the lowering of your blood pressure.

The tuna fishing here in Virginia Beach has been on fire with many fish being caught in the 40 pound range. But don’t take my word for it, book your trip today with Captain Josh Wentling here at Instigator Sportfishing Charters and see for yourself!

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