Virginia Beach Whale Watching

& Wildlife Tours

Instigator Sportfishing Charters is truly passionate about our home waters of Virginia Beach. In this, every year from December through March, we open up our custom-built 57′ offshore boat to share the experience of whale watching with visitors from all over the world.

On our whale watching trips we get up close with migrating humpback whales as they journey north. It is during this direction of travel, and only at this time of year, that they come into Chesapeake Bay.

It is an event not to be missed, and Instigator can bring you there with both the experience and the comfort that will truly make this trip one to remember.

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humpback whale breaching the surface in virginia beach
virginia beach harbor seal

 Birds, Dolphins, and Other Wildlife

Watching humpback whales in their natural state, in an up close and intimate way, during your private trip on the Instigator will truly be the pinnacle of these tours. However, the amount of other wildlife you will also bear witness to will definitely create the atmosphere that will bring your journey into levels exceeding all expectations.

You can expect to see dolphins, seals, a plethora of bird life, and even possibilities to spot other species of whale such as the elusive fin whale.

For birding in particular the Virginia Beach winter can offer sights such as thousands of sea ducks, cormorants, scoters, and an endless list of other possibilities.

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For Photographers

This whale and wildlife journey with Instigator Sportfishing will bring a world of photographic possibilities to you that you will not experience anywhere else. With a 57 foot cabin cruiser and a private setting, our tours offer one of the best platforms for you and your equipment.

Once in a lifetime memories are found off the coast of Virginia Beach, and so are once in a lifetime shots. We invite you to come and witness some of the most spectacular wildlife viewing on the planet, and then share this journey through your amazing captures with your family, friends, and the world.

If you need special or custom requests due to equipment or specified shoot needs, please do not hesitate to reach out to us and start planning today.

va beach photo of rare duck