Captain josh Wentling

Captain Josh Wentling

Captain Josh Wentling is a US Coast Guard-licensed charter captain and has been fishing the waters from Hatteras, NC to Ocean City, Maryland for over 20 years. He has won and placed in many major tournaments up and down the Atlantic Coast and has a reputation for fishing success.


Firstly,Captain Josh Wentling is dedicated to utilizing his extensive experience in providing the most memorable, educational, and pleasurable fishing experience available anywhere. As a result, our Captain aims to please.


Captain Josh Wentling has led the Instigator to over $2,000,000 in tournament wins!  You can be assured he will put you on the fishing experience of a lifetime!


Captain Josh Wentling is an active member of The Billfish Foundation, Ducks Unlimited, Safari Club International, Eye Catcher Lures Pro Team, Angler’s Envy Custom Rods Pro Team, Fight Line and Leader Pro Team, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, The Whitetail Institute, and Quality Deer Management Association, As a result, Captain Josh Wentling is heavily involved in the industry.

Tourniment Record

The Instigator is known up and down the East Coast as a regular contender in offshore fishing tournaments. Captains Josh Wentling just seems to have the knack for bringing home the money with quality fish. Last time we checked the Instigator had earned its customers well over $2,000,000 in tournament winnings!

The Instigator is available for hire to travel the East Coast and fish in all major tournaments. Ever dreamed of seeing yourself standing at the podium accepting a nice check for catching a big fish? If you have an adventuresome spirit and want to hire a leading winning team, call Captain Dave and ask about how the Instigator crew can make it all come true for you.

The Instigator is tournament rigged and ready. We have a fast comfortable boat, best quality electronics available anywhere, and the finest fishing tackle made in the world. With outstanding tournament experience and a tournament record that is unmatched, the Instigator will be the best decision you ever made.


  • 2015 Pirate’s Cove Daily Winner, Day One $31,500.00
  • 2015 Wayne McClusky Memorial (1st Place) $9,450.00
  • Wine, Women, Fishing Va. Beach 2013 (1st Place Wahoo)
  • Mid-Atlantic Rockfish Shootout 2012 (3rd Place)
  • Mid-Atlantic Rockfish Tournament 2011 (record 206 fish released)
  • Hatteras Village Open  (1st Place 861 pound Blue Marlin)

Ocean City Tuna Tournament

  • 2009 – First Place Dolphin
  • 2007 – First Place Most Pounds
  • 2004 – First Place 119 lb. Bluefin Tuna
  • 2003 – Second Place 141 lb. Bluefin Tuna
  • 1998 – First Place 182 lb. Bluefin Tuna

Mid-Atlantic $500,000

  • 2003 – Third Place Tuna
  • 2000 – Second Place Tuna

Mid-Atlantic Tuna Tournament

  • 2001 – Top Money Winner
  • 2007 – Fifth Place Most Pounds
  • 2005 – Third Place Tuna (119 lbs.)

US Airway Employee Tournament (2nd Place Calcutta)

Ocean City Marlin Club

  • 2005 – Largest Tuna 182 lbs.
  • 2003 – Most Blue Marlin (Charter)
  • 2003 – Most Tuna (Charter)

Ocean City Fishing Center (2006 Largest Wahoo and Dolphin)

Wahoo Round-up 2009 First Place Tuna