Monthly Archives: October 2020

Offshore Fishing

Curious of some of the species we target? Then let’s take a look. Mahi-mahi is probably the most sought after deep sea gamefish. Not only are they delicious to eat, but their aerial displays, enchanting colors and long, tough runs make them the ultimate all-around gamefish.

Summer Sailfish

Although sailfish are found within tropical and temperate waters throughout the world, the Gulf Stream of the Atlantic Ocean provides a sort of highway system for these migratory fish with ample opportunity for feeding along the way.

Tuna Fishing

Let’s talk tuna, you know, the chicken of the sea. Tuna is easily one of the most sought after sport fish here off the beaches of Virginia. Not only are they terrific fighters, but they are some of the best table fare you’ll find swimming the salty seas. And luckily for you, Virginia Beach offers up some of the most fertile tuna fishing grounds there is.