Fishing in and around the Virginia Beach area is world class. From inland freshwater fishing for trophy bass and trout to inshore fishing for redfish and speckled seatrout the area has it all. But where Virginia Beach really stands out is its offshore fishing opportunities. Whether looking to fill the cooler with mahi-mahi, tuna or wahoo to grill up later or if you’re looking the adrenaline pumping fight of a marlin, look no further than Virginia Beach! And the crew here at Instigator Sportfishing Charters has the skills and expertise to keep the action hot and your arms burning!

There are many different species of fish to catch in the Atlantic waters that lap the shores of Virginia Beach, and that is due to one important fact: the Gulf Stream. The Gulf Stream acts like a sort of highway for migrating marine life of all sizes. Small bait fish use it as well as some of the largest predators swimming today. And with the Gulf Stream being only a short 15 miles or so from shore, access is relatively easy. Getting to prime fishing grounds is quick and easy so you can be assured that you’ll be wrenching in monsters before you know it.

Curious of some of the species we target? Then let’s take a look. Mahi-mahi is probably the most sought after deep sea gamefish. Not only are they delicious to eat, but their aerial displays, enchanting colors and long, tough runs make them the ultimate all-around gamefish. Although larger bulls are found in very small groups, the younger fish are often times found in massive schools around floating grass, debris or other objects. Once you into one, it ignites a feeding frenzy that is sure to keep the action hot! Yellowfin tuna is another great tasting offshore species of fish. These predators will hit trolling baits and pack a punch doing so. Often times fighting in a bulldog fashion whilst making large, circling runs, the Yellowfin tuna will wear out even the most seasoned angler. But add one of these to your cooler and you’ll have the whole neighborhood knocking down your door in hopes of a taste of fresh, wild Yellowfin tuna!

Then there’s the blue marlin. The blue marlin is the undisputed king of the sea and considered to be the ultimate trophy fish. Anglers from all over the world come to the waters off Virginia Beach to have a shot at these voracious predators from our fully equipped boat, the Instigator. Their awe-inspiring size and strength will have anglers begging for more if luckily enough to have a big blue take your bait. Reaching up in size of 1,000 pounds or more, these guys often times fly solo so hooking up with one isn’t the most common occurrence, but one that is the most rewarding. Hooking up with a blue marlin tops the list of most anglers as their bucket list fish, so join us as we search the depths for this elusive unicorn…. And hang on!

Offshore fishing isn’t just for the hardcore anglers out there, here at Instigator Sportfishing Charters, we pride ourselves on making our trips a family friendly experience. Captain Josh Wentling has the experience needed to make your trip memorable, pleasurable, educational and of course, successful!