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Blue Marlin Sportfishing in Ocean City and Manteo, NC

Book an offshore Blue marlin sport fishing charter. Offshore fishing is offered in Ocean City, Maryland and the Outer Banks of North Carolina. While onboard, catch blue marlin and other sport fish on the Instigator.

Catching Blue Marlin

One of the most prized of all charter boat sport fishing catches, blues are known for their size and strength. Potentially growing to weights in excess of 1000 pounds. As a result, the blue marlin is truly the king of its domain and literally feeds on the other sportfishing species. Their reel smoking runs and the feeling that you are hooked to a dump truck. This is  what makes sportfishing adrenaline junkies want a shot at these giants. Blue marlin are usually not found in groups. Getting one to show up in your bait spread is not a common occurrence so it can be necessary for anglers to specifically target them with large baits and teasers. Once brought boatside, blue marlin are routinely released to return to their ocean throne.

Offshore Fishing

While blue marlin sport fishing you are not limited to that exact species. many other pelagic and meat fish bite on the same spread, bait and lures.

Sport-fishing Charters

Learn more about fishing for this species in Ocean City, Maryland and the Outer Banks of North Carolina. You are not limited to a specific type of fish when booking a charter, Captain Josh will provide options depending on the season and what is biting while confirming your charter date.

Ocean City Charters

Ocean City Blue Marlin Charters


Sport Fishing Charters

Outer Banks Blue Marlin Charters