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Wahoo ChartersWahoo Sportfishing In Ocean City, MD and the Outer

Book an offshore Wahoo Sport fishing charter in Ocean City, Maryland or the Outer Banks, North Carolina. Catch bluefin tuna and other sport fish on the Instigator.

The Atlantic Speed Demon

Wahoo, not to be confused with its cousin, the King Mackerel, is a highly sought after game fish. Not only for their ability to smoke the drag, but their meat is some of the best out there. In fact, the Hawaiian word for Wahoo is Ono, meaning good to eat. Wahoo average between 30 and 60 pounds, have a unique striped pattern, several small razor sharp teeth and leap out of the water- making them one of the most exciting fish to target.

Don’t let that seemingly toothless smile in the picture on the left fool you. Wahoo have hundreds of tiny razor sharp teeth. They are capable of cutting braided wire better than any pair of Stanley wire cutters. They often attack a trolled bait like a Trident missile coming out of a silo and can skyrocket several feet into the air. In fact, first blistering run is like being hooked to a dragster. Wahoo can be caught in singles and sometimes a lucky boat will find feeding groups targeting a specific area. With an average weight of between 30 to 60 pounds, wahoo are a prized catch because of their delicate white meat. Currently this species is regulated to just two per angler.

Finally, while Wahoo Sportfishing sport fishing you are not limited to that exact species. many other pelagic and meat fish bite on the same spread, bait and lures.

Sport-fishing Charters

Learn more about fishing for this species in Ocean City, Maryland and the Outer Banks of North Carolina. You are not limited to a specific type of fish when booking a charter, Captain Josh will provide options depending on the season and what is biting while confirming your charter date.

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