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White Marlin Sport Fishing

Book a White Marlin Charters in Ocean City, Maryland or the Outer Banks, North Carolina. Deepsea tournament and recreational sport fishing.

About white marlin

White marlin may be the smaller cousin of the blue marlin but what they lack in size they make up for in other ways. The average weight is 50 -90 lbs. White marlin often travel in hunting packs. As a result, it is not uncommon to have several baits attacked at the same time. They can be extremely aggressive but even so it often takes an experienced mate to get the proper rig in front of them and get them hooked. The average hook up ratio is only about one hook up for every four attacks. It often takes lighter tackle to get the job done. But when you do get one on be prepared for an awe inspiring display of aerobatics and flashing beautiful colors. Whites are usually always released so that they can fight again another day

Billfish Season

While on a charter for marlin you are not limited to that exact species. Many other pelagic and meat fish bite on the same spread, bait and lures. This species is abundant in both of our charter boat locations. Fishing out of Mateo, North Carolina in the spring and early summer has a bigger tuna bit. The later summer months and fall season in Ocean City, Maryland is red hot for billfish. We look forward to having you aboard the Instigator!

Sport-fishing Charters

Learn more about fishing for this species in Ocean City, Maryland and the Outer Banks of North Carolina. You are not limited to a specific type of fish when booking a charter, Captain Josh will provide options depending on the season and what is biting while confirming your charter date.


Sport Fishing Charters

Outer Banks White Marlin Charters