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Mahi Mahi Sportfishing In Ocean City, MD and the Outer Banks, NC

Mahi-mahi sport fishing in the Mid Atlantic is offered in two locations.

You can book an offshore mahi-mahi sport fishing charter in Ocean City, Maryland or the Outer Banks, North Carolina.

Mahi-Mahi Charters

Catch mahi-mahi and other sport fish on the Instigator. This incredible species goes by many names including dolphin, dolphin fish, and mahi mahi. Whatever you call them they are always going to be the “darling” of the charter fleets along the Atlantic. They are very prolific in warm water. From the inlets to the Sargasso Sea and live a complete life cycle in only five years. Furthermore this is one of the few species of fish that the males (bulls) exceed the females in size and can get up to 80 pounds. Although the larger ones usually only travel in pairs, smaller fish are often found in massive schools around floating sargassum or other floating objects.

Mahi-mahi is another great eating species with a large limit. As a result, anglers are currently allowed to keep ten each. While mahi-mahi sport fishing you are not limited to that exact species. Many other pelagic and meat fish bite on the same set ups.

Sport-fishing Charters

Learn more about fishing for this species in Ocean City, Maryland and the Outer Banks of North Carolina. You are not limited to a specific type of fish when booking a charter, Captain Josh will provide options depending on the season and what is biting while confirming your charter date.

Ocean City Charters

Ocean City Mahi-Mahi Charters


Sport Fishing Charters

Outer Banks Mahi-Mahi Charters



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