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Swordfish Charters

Swordfish charters in Maryland? We see swordfish on the menus and in marine art but can you imagine hooking one of these monsters while on a sportfishing charter? Swordfishing has become more popular and the species are more abundant than ever in the mid-atlantic region. It has become a sought after catch during the summer and fall season in Ocean City, Maryland and charters are having great luck the past couple of years. Swordfish can be caught on our Outer Banks fishing charters as well but the rush is up north!

We Catch Swordfish

The technique is a bit different than tuna fishing but the bite can happen either way. While swordfishing out of Ocean City, we do a slower troll to get the bits deep in the water. The fight is intense and can take some time to bring to the topwater. A favorite treat for these pelagic fish is squid. The fight somewhere between a tuna and a marlin and is quite a scene at the scales. The Ocean City Fishing Center has seen quite a bit of these fish throughout the season and looking forward to more.

Sport-fishing Charters

Learn more about fishing for this species in Ocean City, Maryland and the Outer Banks of North Carolina. You are not limited to a specific type of fish when booking a charter, Captain Josh will provide options depending on the season and what is biting while confirming your charter date.